Villa La Estancia – le lieu de séjour à Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is an area of ​​Star games. Only a few hours south of Hollywood, in the luxurious, exotic yet, Baja California, Cabo, as it is known by those who know him best, has your own playground, too: Villa La Estancia.

Loosely translated, La Estancia means “a place to stay,” and this place is just waiting for you where the Mexican desert meets turquoise waters, where infinity pools run in the Sea of ​​Cortez, and where you can live the life of a jet-setting stars. Renting your own private resort – a house, apartment or penthouse on Medano Beach – is only one place not to lay your head, but it is relaxation and romance that you find under a beach umbrella, or under the stars before slipping under the covers.

A former fishing village transformed into a Mecca celebrity, Villa La Estancia Cabo San Lucas and offers the richness of a trip low-high in an exotic world – the thrill of a Third World travel with the luxury of an experience five stars. Play a round of golf amidst emerald green, diving with whales at Gordo Banks or swimming with dolphins in crystal waters; you can even take a camel ride through the nature reserve Desert Park. Then take in one of the trendy restaurants and quaint cafes in and around Cabo, or shopping in the best shops or fun, local favorites. If any of these interest you, simply stop completely, slather on the sunscreen and bask in the sun.

Only one mile from downtown Los Cabos, Villa La Estancia puts you within striking distance of some of the best bars in the world, where you can catch a beautiful sunset, a glamorous superstar, or fall in love with your traveling companion one more time.

Do not forget the beaches – From the serene beauty of Playa del Amor and the Sea of ​​Cortez, the surf magnet zippers, you will find your own place to spend your days.

Sunny and serene, magical and mysterious at the Villa La Estancia, every private condominium welcomes you with sumptuous furnishings and all the amenities of home, only here you are surrounded by spectacular views you will not find anywhere else. Carved rock formations will keep you guessing while own shows light of nature dazzle from sunrise to sunset.

Do not catch a falling star – Live like a. When you visit Villa La Estancia, the place to stay in paradise, you will experience more than just a vacation; you will make memories that will last a lifetime.